Are You Ready to Tear Down That Old Building?

Are You Ready to Tear Down That Old Building?

Hire the preferred residential demolition contractor in Loveland, CO

Is that old shed in your backyard bringing your property value down? Are you ready to get rid of that raggedy carport so you can make room for a covered garage? Trust a residential demolition contractor to complete the job. Elite Dirt & Demo, LLC provides full-service house demolition services in Loveland, CO. We'll tear down structures of all sizes, haul away the debris and leave you with an open space.

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We'll knock it down for you

House demolition isn't the only service we provide. Our clients trust us to remove:

  • Silos and barns
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Foundation slabs
  • Mobile homes
  • Garages

We also provide specialty services that include removing small rooms or roofs that are caving in.

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